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The Lineo will land in the south of Toulouse from Monday January 2, 2023 (©GL / News Toulouse)

It’s already the 11the of the network. As of Monday January 2, 2023, a new Lineo, who will connect Frouzins a Basso Cambo, terminus of metro line A, via Villeneuve Tolosane, Cugnauxand part of Turnsheet, will come into service. Here is what you need to know about this express bus line which will serve the south of the agglomeration of Toulouse.

What is the area served?

Addicted Frouzins a Basso Cambothis new Linéo will run along the neighborhoods of Guilhermy in Toulouse and those of Bordenoire and deviations a Turnsheet. This new bus “creates a link between the city centers of Frouzinsof Villeneuve Tolosane and of Cugnaux and metro line A,” says Tisséo. Concretely, the Linéo 11 uses the proper site of the Canal Saint-Martory route from Bachecame Petit-Jean to Basso Cambo.

17,500 inhabitants and more than 3,000 jobs will be located less than 400 meters from the stops of this Lineo 11, which promises a “efficient offer” and which “adapts to the mobility needs of the inhabitants”, with the aim of “facilitating access to services, jobs, shops and leisure”.

MENU. Here is the layout of the new Linéo 11:

Here is the route of the new Linéo 11 south of Toulouse
Here is the route of the new Linéo 11 south of Toulouse (©Tisseo)

What is the proposed traffic?

According to Tisséo’s projections, “7,200 trips” are “expected every day for the first year”, i.e. the equivalent of “6 km of traffic jams stopped”. This Linéo has a sizeable advantage: 50% of its route is in a reserved lane, with “10 crossroads equipped with a priority system at traffic lights”, which will make it easier to travel time.

9 minutes between two Lineos

During the week, Tisséo promises “9 minute wait during peak hours” between two passages, and 12 minutes during off-peak hours. Every 15 minutes on Saturdays and holidays, and every 30 minutes on Sundays.

As for the schedules, on weekdays, the first departure will be at 5:15 am. The last will be at 12:30 a.m. from Monday to Wednesday and 1 a.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening.
Also note that in the evening, every day, Saturday and Sunday included, Tisséo announces passages every 30 minutes from 9:30 p.m.

The bus network is being reorganized

As every time Tisséo introduces a new Lineo line, the bus network is being reorganized around this new offer. Here are the changes in detail:

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  • The lines of buses 47 and 57 disappeared and are suppressed by the Linéo 11 and the new line of bus 85 which represents part of their routes.
  • The line of bus 58 offers additional passages between Muret and Seysses for an increased frequency.
  • The line of bus 87 is extended to Frouzins. It particularly benefits Chemin des Mailheaux and Boulevard de Maurens, which had no service.
  • The line of bus 85 is created: its route is identical to that of bus line 58 between Basso Cambo and Villeneuve-Tolosane Town Hall. “It reinforces the service of the Thibaud zone and the Seysses road and takes over part of the route of bus line 47 between Villeneuve-Tolosane and the Portet-sur-Garonne SNCF station”, indicates Tisséo.
  • The line of bus 321 is created from the district of Tréville. It provides a rush hour connection between the communes of Frouzins, Villeneuve-Tolosane and Cugnaux and the Portet-sur-Garonne interchange at the SNCF station. According to Tisséo, “the schedules of passage have been defined in coherence with those of the TER to ensure correspondences”.

Change at the Basso-Cambo bus station

It should also be noted that the implementation of this new Linéo will also lead to changes in terms of Basso-Cambo bus station : some platforms will now be common to several lines. And some stops along the Linéo 11 route have been equipped withbike racks.

Practical information :

To have access to the precise timetables and to the plans of the lines of the network, go to on the Tisséo website, or on the mobile app.

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MENU. Agglo de Toulouse: a new Linéo bus put into service on Monday, here is the sector served

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