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Mom Invents Her Daughters Tumor to Make Thousands of Dollars

He fakes his daughter’s serious illness to earn pocket money. The story comes from the USA and causes a stir. A mother has been sentenced to six years in prison after pretending her 11-year-old daughter had cancer so she could rake in thousands of dollars in donations.

The woman — whose name is Lindsey Abbuhl, 35, of Canton, Ohio, according to British tabloid Chron — pleaded guilty to fraud after she created a fake page on the GoFundMe platform to solicit donations for her daughter Rylee The little girl had been “diagnosed terminally” due to a serious problem with her central nervous system. Dubbed “Rylee’s Warriors,” the site raised more than $4,500 before being shut down by authorities. The woman began to raise money, often taking her daughter to the doctors and telling her that she was dying.

Mother and daughter attended various events organized for them and were invited to a softball game in Texas. Rylee has even begun asking friends to prepare for her funeral, apparently prompted by her mother. However, last year a court ruled that there was “no sign of illness” and Lindsey lost custody of their daughter. The court awarded Rylee’s father Jamie Abbuhl, who divorced Lindsey in 2017, full custody and sounded the alarm himself.

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Now the woman has been sentenced to four to six years in prison and must pay $8,529 and return the money to whoever gave it to her. The woman admitted everything. Stark County Attorney Kyle Stone said, “This was the best way to avoid the possibility of further traumatizing a child who was already going through so much pain,” a document obtained by the girl’s city hospital , revealed that a doctor reviewed all of Rylee’s medical records on neurology, genetics, gastrointestinal disorders, hematology, rheumatology, pulmonology and podiatry and concluded, “There is no evidence to support her mother’s claim that Rylee is terminal sick.” The woman had therefore falsified her daughter’s medical record.

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The child has been accompanied by a psychologist for three years to learn “to process his own death,” according to a lawyer’s report. The story began when Lindsey began telling friends and neighbors that her daughter had missed school and was being homeschooled because “she was ill.” The family seemed unlucky and Lindsey would have documented her daughter’s hospital visits on social media. “This young lady is my best friend! Please keep saying prayers for them while we deal with their health issues,” read one of her zany posts.

Mom Invents Her Daughter’s Tumor To Make Thousands Of Dollars: Doomed – S Chronicles

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