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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – With thousands of flights canceled or delayed across the country – the travel nightmare continues.

We’re sure you or someone you know has been impacted.

But even for some lucky enough to make it to their destination – their luggage did not!

“We left Honolulu about 12:30 this time,” Kendra Horner of Oklahoma City told News 4. “So we’ve been in the air since then and we’re ready to be home.”

The Horner family had a wonderful time escaping Oklahoma City’s brutal cold in Hawaii.

“Great weather, nice and warm,” said Rustin Horner.

But now they’re just waiting for their baggage to arrive here in Oklahoma as well.

“It is stressful,” said Kendra. “All our souvenirs are in there.”

They’re not alone.

Canceled or delayed flights have led to luggage headaches across the country.

In some cases – people not reunited with their suitcases for days.

“It’s been a nightmare,” said traveler Becky Tanaka. “So thank God for Walmart!”

When Tanaka got to Oklahoma City from Tennesse, she learned her bags had not.

“We had Christmas pictures of the great-grandkids for his parents and my daughter had just given me a brand new heated jacket for Christmas and I was like oh no, I don’t even want to tell her it’s in there!” Tanaka said. 

Tanaka immediately got to working with her airline’s office.

Nearly all the airlines have offices at baggage claim at Will Rogers World Airport.

There you can report your lost luggage as soon as you land.

They will notify you when your bags do make it or arrange for them to be shipped to your home.

Wintry weather made it a tough trip for Tanaka – but – finally, today, she got the call that her bags had made it.

“Just have patience, a lot of patience, keep calling and I’m just thankful that we had a very safe Christmas here because it was scary – a lot of turbulence – but we’re just blessed and thankful for family,” she said. 

Airport officials tell us Frontier does not have an office at baggage claim, so you’ll have to work with them online.

Nationwide flight disruptions lead to luggage headaches in Oklahoma City and beyond

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