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It’s been months since Milla and Olivia met “Berlin – Day” have fallen out with each other. The reason: Olivia’s jealousy of her former roommate Leni, who she believed would throw herself at her boyfriend Dean, would have cost Leni her life. Olivia mixed laxatives into her beer, in addition to which the young woman would have drowned in the subsequent bath in the lake – just the icing on the cake in a long series of intrigues that Olivia had devised behind her friends’ backs over time. So it’s no wonder that Milla then decided to banish her former best friend from her life. And to put the truth of Olivia’s deeds on everyone’s platter.

It’s only been downhill for Olivia since then. First she lost her boyfriend, then her apartment and her job. As stated in the preview of episode 2850, which will air in the first week of January, she even ended up in debt with a drug dealer. Olivia is supposed to pay him 40,000 euros and, in desperation, even offers him her body. When he laughs at her, Olivia doesn’t know what to do and decides to “tear Milla into the abyss with her”. Because in her eyes only Milla is to blame for her situation!

“Berlin – Day & Night”: attempted murder of Milla – and serial death of Olivia?

At the end of the first week of January, this leads to a showdown that threatens to end in a serial death. “Milla thinks Olivia will kill her and her baby. But at the last second she is rescued by Mike,” says the “Berlin – Day & Night” preview. Exactly what Olivia does isn’t revealed, but we can be sure that she’s dreaming up some particularly horrible things when Milla is about to die. When Olivia’s instance fails, she hides because she already suspects that Milla wants to get even with her. Although she has to promise Mike that she will leave the search for Olivia to the police, she can’t stop seeking revenge.

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“When she finally finds Olivia by accident, all her anger is discharged at the former girlfriend and the final fight ensues, in which Milla finally gets the upper hand,” writes RTLzwei. “Suddenly she’s about to kill Olivia herself.” That doesn’t sound good at all! Does the argument between the two women actually end in murder? One thing is for sure: the “Berlin – Day & Night” creators have come up with an impressive welcome to the new year story…

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Olivia or Milla? “Berlin – Day & Night” fight for life and death!

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