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China has announced the lifting of all Covid-19 policies including the opening of its borders to overseas visitors, this also means its Zero Policy is no longer in place, and the cities and look into a more holistic way of managing the virus instead of lockdowns and mass testing.

Undoubtedly before the pandemic, the Chinese people were the highest number of travelers to many tourist spots across the globe. With high spending power, the tourism sector boomed with Chinese tourists and many countries offered promotion menus catering merely to these travelers. Now, with all restrictions lifted, the vacation-starved Chinese will be looking to plan their next holiday as early as Chinese New year to kick off again.

Data from the travel platform Ctrip showed that within half an hour of the news searches for popular cross-border destinations had increased 10-fold. Macau, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, and South Korea were the most sought-after, Ctrip said.

Data from another platform, Qunar, showed that within 15 minutes of the news, searches for international flights jumped seven-fold, with Thailand, Japan, and South Korea at the top of the list.

While there are those who are concerned with the spread of the virus since the lifting, the government is optimistic the peaks will taper as observed in other countries when restrictions were lifted. Nevertheless, the vaccination community is eager to travel again after three years of being cooped up, the liberation could not have come at a better time.

Malaysia can be a benefactor in the arrivals, Chinese travelers made the bulk of tourists in 2019, and tourism data revealed the number of arrivals was 2.94 million making the Chinese the third biggest after Singapore and Indonesia. Our tourism department must act quickly to attract these pent-up visitors, as neighbour like Singapore and Thailand will also be preparing to catch their attention.

Preparing For The Return Of China Tourists

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