In this article, you will get all information regarding Prince Harry ‘banking’ off King Charles, Diana’s fame

Prince Harry has just been branded a nepo baby that’s benefited off of the fame and celebrity of his parents Princess Diana and King Charles.

This claim has been brought to light by Vulture magazine readers who have labeled the Duke of Sussex under the top 12 nepo babies.

The Year of the Nepo Baby feature includes other celebrities like Jaden Smith, Maya Hawke and Riley Keough, and the granddaughter of music legend Elvis Presley.

In light of this, Anne Victoria Clark even asked if there was “anything more charming than the nepo baby who gave it all up for the woman he loves.”

Considering Prince Harry is an “actual duke who stepped away from his dukedom” for the “path of most resistance.”

At the same time, however, she also conceded that he’s still “very, very wealthy and privileged” while mockingly suggesting his move has helped “further fuel our society’s slow progress toward the socialist utopia promised to us by Star Trek.”

The publication also shared its official list of Industry Babies: Children of the well connected on Instagram.

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Prince Harry ‘banking’ off King Charles, Diana’s fame

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