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Gabriella and Jacques of Monaco, Twins of Princess Charlene and Prince Albert, are inseparablebut later alone one of them will rule the Rock. The two children of eight yearswho regularly accompanies their famous parents during events in the principality, are prepared to the future heavy with responsibilities that awaits them on the Rock. “Of course you have to old Jacques and prepare him little by little for his future duties. Corn Gabriella will also have a role to playshe needs to be as tough as possible to help his brother. It’s a whole set of knowledge, information, behaviors to have. It is also a lesson for example“, explained Albert II to Monaco MorningSaturday November 19.

It is also necessary to make them take awareness of what the Principality iswhat it represents and what we would like to do with it, make it even more attractivethat it has even more meaning in its relationship with other countries“, an adding the son of Grace Kelly with the Monegasque newspaper. If Jacques is indeed the Hereditary Prince, “Gabriella has an important role to play support and sharing of certain responsibilities“, repeated their father, without giving more details on the latter.

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The “differentiations” will come by “little touches”

Of the”differentiations” more designated will therefore be made in the future between the two childrenas Prince Albert announced: “They are already very close, very accomplices. We must not make too much differentiation for the moment, it will come in small steps (…) With Princess Charlene, we try to instill in our two children the values ​​that seem essential to us. They will be 8 years old, they are still young but progressing a lot in terms of maturity and awakening to the world.”

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Princess Gabriella: “She will have a role to play”, Albert of Monaco says more about her future functions

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