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A union that represents health and emergency service dispatchers says that without additional funding, a catastrophic breakdown of services could ensue in call centres in Quebec.

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The president of the Fédération des employés du Préhospitalier du Québec (FPHQ), Daniel Chouinard, said the sector is struggling with a staff shortage that has become unsustainable.

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He claims there are gaps at emergency call centres, including 911, which lengthens response times to distress calls requiring the deployment of ambulances.

The lack of personnel causes workweeks of more than 70 hours for some workers, Chouinard said. The hourly wage of $21.37 is too low, resulting in employees quitting over working conditions.

Chouinard pointed out that the work of emergency dispatchers requires knowledge and expertise in health care and the ability to dissect the scenes of incidents remotely to be able to communicate proper instructions to people in distress.

He’s asking the Quebec government to sign a collective agreement quickly, which would ensure stability in the day-to-day work of dispatchers. Otherwise, service failures could occur.

The collective agreement for these workers expired nine months ago.

The FPHQ includes nearly 2,500 workers, including paramedics and support and office staff.

Quebec’s emergency call centres near crisis over staff shortages: union

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