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The more we sink into the latest work signed by the dark pen of Patrick Senécal, the more we get bogged down in a totally disordered daily life where everyone seems to have lost control. Deliciously and machiavellianly nebulous, Resonances on the other hand, is very clear on one point: it represents a particular echo in the author’s career, venturing into new literary mires without betraying his style.

It was in the disturbing darkness of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) cabin that the spark for Patrick Senécal’s new novel sprung. Having undergone this slightly oppressive examination himself, he decided to inflict it on his protagonist, the writer Théodore Moisan. It will turn out badly for the latter, especially since, since the examination, the anomalies are multiplying: his memory is withering, suicides and attacks are linked before his eyes, his relatives act in a surreal way, certain scenes experienced recur episodically… And who is the elusive Paden, a man of a thousand faces disseminating clues in dribs and drabs? It’s hard to reveal more without delivering the disconcerting key to this quirky novel, cultivated on new ground for Senécal – although he put his proverbial claw mark on it.

After 26 years of publishing, there is still the fear of repeating yourself. We are faced with two choices: stay in our slippers or try other things.

Pätrick Senecal

He was finally seduced by the second option. “Usually, even if I talk about fantastic or supernatural, everything is very clear, explained, there is no gray area. There, I wanted to lose my reader a little by offering him a labyrinth, while giving him all the keys, but not in such an obvious way. It was an interesting risk. »

Calvino and Carpenter in the catheter

Indeed, our heads are spinning so much in the face of this shambles that we no longer know what account to put it on: Madness? Sickness ? Handling ? Staging? Nightmare ? All these answers? As the chapters follow one another, the scenarios hypotheses “à la” (à la Matrixto the Truman Showto the Groundhog Day…) collapse, leaving us, however, with a final metafiction-flavored revelation.

The pages of Resonances have also been sprinkled with numerous nods (to David Lynch, minus the irresolute side), sometimes involuntary, as the author admits (he evokes In the Mouth of Madness by John Carpenter). “There is a bit of Italo Calvino, which I really like. I’m not the first to deal with the writer through his work, but I found it interesting to do so through a thriller, with a more literary side, in a novel that remains popular,” explains Patrick Senécal.

Control Tower

Through the fog, themes of manipulation and control surface; for example, through Gerda, an overbearing writer who proclaims that her characters live by themselves. Does Patrick Senécal allow himself to be dictated by his literary offspring?

The authors claiming that the characters decide for them, it always made me smile a little. I am in full control. The great strength of writing is that you are a demiurge, a creator.

Patrick Senecal

Another salient point, the author had underlined in a previous interview his concern vis-à-vis the “intolerance of virtue” and political correctness. Not surprisingly, therefore, that he inserted in Resonances scenes pushing the excesses of “woke” culture to the extreme… just like those of its hyperconservative opposite. “It would have been too easy to write a novel and just ridicule the excesses of extreme political correctness. It can go wrong either way. We hit a lot on certain wokes and, yes, there are excesses in extreme wokism, but we also see them on the other side, with people in their fifties who react very violently to this new wave. I wanted to show what can happen when the two extremes go to the end of their reasoning,” he explains.

A frenzied sequel?

After Resonances, will the novelist explore other variations on the same theme? He himself doesn’t know it yet, but he insists on the fact that his latest publication does not mark an irremediable change of course – his style is still recognizable in it.

Perhaps he will tackle this major project that has been gathering dust in his cerebral cortex for many years? “I’ve had a vague idea for 10-15 years, but it’s very ambitious and I don’t dare get started. It is also embryonic and I prefer not to talk about it, ”he confesses. After a brief nose worming session, the (black) cat finally popped out of the bag slightly: “OK, this will be a novel about the devil. Not the one with a pitchfork and pointy ears, but the image that we have of it, which is moreover a concept in the process of disappearing. I won’t say more! »



Patrick Senecal

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Resonances | Patrick Senécal as a card scrambler – TOPALLMEDIA

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