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Reynaldo Boury looks up Reynaldo Boury scored hits on SBT, Globo and TV Excelsior (Photo: Lourival Ribeiro/Disclosure)

The 90yearold director Reynaldo Boury died this Sunday (December 25) of septic shock. He was hospitalized at the Albert Einstein Hospital in So Paulo.

In an official statement, SBT highlighted the importance of Boury as the head of the channel’s teledramaturgy directorate over the past decade. He joined the company in 2011 and directed the telenovela Amor e revoluo by Tiago Santiago.

From 2012 he was at the forefront of SBT innovation, directing Iris Abravanel’s children’s series which were hugely successful: Carrossel, Chiquititas, Cmplices de um ransom, Carinha de Anjo (as General Supervisor) and The Adventures of Poliana”. He served as a departmental advisor on “Poliana moa” currently running on SBT/Alterosa.

Reynaldo Boury began his career as a stage photographer, became a cinematographer for TV Tupi and emerged as the director of a soap opera at the opening of TV Excelsior in 1960.

Its extensive curriculum is divided into Globo, SBT and Excelsior. In 58 years of professional activity, he has been responsible for emblematic productions of Brazilian television drama. He directed Redeno (1966), a 596chapter series considered the greatest of all time. He also signed the first version of “Blood of my Blood”.

Boury directed shows on disc (“The Last Witness”, 1968) and later cemented his career with TV Globo with “Selva de Pedra” (1972), “Sinh Moa” (1986), “O primo Baslio” (1988), ” Tieta (1989) and the remake of Irmos Coragem (1995).

“Reynaldo Boury has raised a family on and off television,” SBT’s official statement said. Son Alexandre Boury is a soap opera director, daughter Margareth Boury is a television dramatist and grandson Guilherme Boury is an actor.

Reynaldo Boury, Director Of Brazilian TV Drama Classic, Dies – S Chronicles

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