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Rostov goalkeeper and Russian team Sergei Pesyakov praised the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, noting a number of unexpected results.

The first round of the tournament was marked by the victory of Argentina from Saudi Arabia (1:2), the German team from Japan (1:2), and Denmark met with a draw with Tunisia (0:0).

“They were always on the move. It was not always possible to find time to find three matches. Many unexpected results, sensational. Argentina, Germany or Denmark, for example. The Asian teams are just noticeable. Many questions about the Russian team and a possible transition to Asia – the discovery failed to beat in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. How Asian teams play in the World Cup.

– Many say that the tournament in Russia was more interesting in terms of results.

– If you look like that, then yes, there was a big head and so on. For this, the World Cup in Russia can be put a fat plus sign. In fact, it is interesting to watch Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, I support them. And, probably, there is a slight sympathy for the Serbian national team. Still, brothers. I don’t like to make predictions, especially after matches like Argentina vs Saudi Arabia. But I read a lot of opinions, the Serbs were considered almost the favorites.

– What do you think, if the Russian team was at the championship, could you do well?

– It is hard to say. The preparation and composition would have been different. All you have to do is believe and wait.

– For example, in the place of Poland, the Russian team could leave the group?

– Easy in general. We beat Saudi Arabia 5-0, they beat Argentina. Speaking the way they joked in childhood, probably, about eight Argentines would have been thrown. I’m kidding, of course. It’s very hard to guess. See what state we’re in. There are a lot of little things here. But, our young coaching staff, what kind of training we are undergoing, I think the chances would be great, ”RB Sport quotes Pesyakov.

“Russia could easily leave the World Cup group, about eight Argentines would have been thrown” – Pesyakov

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