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Christo Grozev, the investigative journalist featured in the Navalny documentary, has been put on Russia’s “wanted” list.

According to the Russian Interior Ministry’s website, via CNN, Grozev is “wanted under an article of the Criminal Code,” but doesn’t further cite the article.

Grozev took to Twitter and said, “I have no idea on what grounds the Kremlin has put me on its ‘wanted list’, thus I cannot provide any comments at this time. In a way it doesn’t matter – for years they’ve made it clear they are scared of our work and would stop at nothing to make it go away.”

Grozev has been reporting about Russian international crimes, including the poisoning of Alexey Navalny in 2020. The latter is the focus of the documentary film Navalny by Daniel Roher where Grozev is featured. Grozev recently talked to Deadline Contenders Documentary about the film, in particular, a scene where Navalny impersonated a Russian official.

My God, this guy’s giving us much more data than we even had before the beginning of the phone call to somewhere midway through the call, I was starting to feel pity for him and sorry,” Grozev said. “I’m thinking what have we done to this killer or one of the killers? And then towards the end, I was already kind of jaded and thinking, ‘OK, I peaked. I’m never gonna see anything as good as this in my life. So what else is there to do for the rest of my life?’” 

Navalny also recently made the Oscars shortlist for documentary feature.

Russia Puts Christo Grozev, Journalist Featured In ‘Navalny’ Documentary, On “Wanted” List

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