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Roscosmos is eager to continue participating in the international project in the years to come

Russia’s Roscosmos wants to stay on the International Space Station (ISS) project after 2024, a senior official has said. The agency is now scrambling to get government approval.

The International Space Station was launched in 1998, with plans for it to remain in orbit until 2024. NASA previously announced plans to extend operation of the aging station until 2030 But the new head of Roscosmos, Yury Borisov, has previously said that Russia could consider pulling out of the project after its original expiration date in 2024 and start setting up its own national space station. The Russian space agency later clarified that it was not going to make “sudden” moves, carefully considering the decision of a possible withdrawal.

Sergey Krikalev, head of human spaceflight programs at the agency, said Tuesday that Roscosmos plans to extend its participation in the ISS project for at least four years.

“For such a decision to be made [by Russia]we have sent the relevant documents to the government, proposing to continue the mission of the station”, he underlined.

Authorities in Moscow have now asked the agency to provide additional documents proving the technical feasibility of extending the ISS project and agreeing to the move with other relevant ministries, the head of manned spaceflight programs added.

Roscosmos intends to respond to these requests from the government “just after the [New Year] holidays,” Krikalev said.

The question of keeping the ISS in orbit was also discussed with the foreign participants in the project, which – in addition to the United States – include Japan, Canada and several European countries, and most of them confirmed their interest in this project, he underlined.

In a later interview, Krikalev clarified that Russia currently plans to stay on the ISS until 2028, with any further decisions to be made depending on the state of the station after that time.

In October, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov suggested that “it is possible to expand the operations of the ISS, while the Russian orbital station is deployed in the minimum configuration”, also mentioning 2028 as a new deadline.


Russian space agency defines ISS goal — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

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