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A few months ago, Samsung launched its Camera Assistant app, giving users more control over their cameras on Galaxy S22 series phones. Since then, other Galaxy S series owners have wondered when or if their devices will also get the camera app. Although we don’t have an answer yet, we now know that Samsung is listening and has plans in place for the future.

A Samsung Community forum moderator was able to shed some light on when the beta version of the Camera Assistant app will be extended. When asked if the app will come to other phones, the moderator replied that the software is currently being tested on the Galaxy S22 series and there will be a “separate announcement” regarding other phones.

This, of course, isn’t exactly a satisfying answer if you’re a Galaxy S series device owner waiting for the Camera Assistant app, so others have chimed in asking for more details on a future announcement. and the moderator replied “we will try to support as many models as possible” and “we will further consider whether it would be better to beta test more models in the future”. This is all done by translation and while it doesn’t provide much clarity, I hope Samsung is really looking to expand it to more devices.

The Camera Assistant app offers toggles for better control over HDR and auto-smoothing, and will also allow the camera to automatically choose the lens that’s best for you when taking a photo. Additionally, you have the option to select the number of shots when using the self-timer and increase the shutter speed when taking photos of fast-moving objects. These are just a few examples of features available in the Camera Assistant app.

While these new settings aren’t revolutionary, they certainly give Samsung users more options when it comes to taking photos at no additional cost. Are you looking forward to seeing this app land on other Samsung smartphones, or have you switched to a third-party camera app? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Samsung Community

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Samsung may be looking to expand its Camera Assistant app to… – XDA Developers

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