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It’s snowy road season. Depending on where you live, there may be a plot of snow on the roads in your neighborhood right now. Such conditions can sometimes be too tempting to be ignored by enthusiastic drivers. But for those who need a refresher, the dangerous deception of vehicles on slippery public roads is never, ever a good idea.

We are also aware of the desire to have a little fun when the danger factor is nil, so when we came across this ViralHog video of a slow speed J-turn we couldn’t resist sharing. This is especially true when the vehicle involved is a minivan, which in this case resembles a Chrysler Pacifica. And according to the video description, we have do not a school-age kid borrowing the family vehicle for front-wheel-drive donuts. Apparently, a proud husband caught his wife performing this manual J-bend as he headed out for a coffee run in the morning.

The clip was shot in early December from the town of Taylor in British Columbia, Canada. There really isn’t much else to say, other than the cornering technique is about as good as you’ll ever see. A front-wheel-drive vehicle in reverse may turn slowly or quickly, depending on vehicle speed and power applied to the drive wheels. Lest you forget our warning message above – save the high-speed antics for a racetrack, driving school, or somewhere where a total loss of control won’t kill you or curious onlookers.

In this case, the van is backing up. With a little skill, all it takes is a light nudge on the throttle and a flick of the steering wheel to whip the front end gently. Look closely at the taillights and you’ll see the moment the driver shifts from reverse to forward, stopping the controlled spin and accelerating seamlessly, like a boss. Obviously, she already has.

That said, stay smart there. Winter is here, and inevitably, those who like to drive might indulge in low-traction pleasures. Wherever you are, stay safe and be sure to help keep others safe. In other words, don’t drive like a fool and you’ll be fine.

See his wife do a perfect J-Turn minibus for morning coffee

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