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Recently separated from Lucas Souza, Jojo Todynho didn’t hesitate to analyze the heartthrobs of the World Cup in Qatar. The presenter revealed which players she would recommend to her friends, but didn’t shy away from praising some of them including an honest assessment of Neymar.

“Admiring a person, finding a person beautiful, is not a problem, nor is it a lack of respect. She’s beautiful, she deserves praise,” she explained in an interview with G1.

One of those who caught Jojo’s eye was Jude Bellingham from England. “He seems very playful, jokes. He dances in the middle of the field, like Vinícius Júnior,” he shot.

Keita Balde from Senegal was staying with one of her friends. “Dandara’s face. He’s good looking and my boyfriend loves a black man. She is a beautiful black woman. It’s her profile. If she were here, she would be talking about her kids right now,” he joked.

Argentina’s Rodrigo de Paul overcame the rivalry between neighboring countries. “He looks like he would like to have a beer at the weekend. He’s enjoying a pagodinho,” he judged.

Belgium’s Romelu Lukaku filled his eyes. “I think he would enjoy those black balls, like Charme,” he added.

Memphis Depay from Holland didn’t arouse that much interest. “It’s beautiful, I would say,” she summarized. So also with the Frenchman Olivier Giroud. “He has a nice smile. He seems to be having a nice conversation,” he added.

Is Neymar a good match?

Jojo wasn’t sparing in his praise for Neymar Junior, making sure his boyfriend was in a relationship with one of his friends. “Ah, my boy Ney! He’s really beautiful,” he drooled.

The funk singer also recalled that the forward got her out of trouble during Paris Fashion Week. “He has a beautiful soul, he saved me in Paris, I had no internet at all. He routed for me,” she said.

Stickers to exchange

Among those rejected is Cristian Pulisci from the United States. “I don’t think it would work with any boyfriend, they’re very excited,” she shared.

Tunisia’s Rami Kaib was not pleased. “I wouldn’t recommend it, no. It doesn’t have the profile of any of my friends. He looks like a little boy. I think he has the face of someone who doesn’t eat beans,” she concluded.

Single Jojo Todynho Reveals Which Cup Heartthrob He Would Pick To Complete The Album TV – S Chronicles

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