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Fentanyl deaths and drug trafficking are on the rise in Nevada, largely due to President Joe Biden’s open border and Steve Sisolak’s “soft-on-crime” policies, the government candidate told Breitbart News. Clark County Sheriff’s Republican Joe Lombardo.

“As a sheriff, I see the disastrous impact of Biden’s open border policies every single day. Joe Biden’s chaos at the border and Steve Sisolak’s crime policies have encouraged drug traffickers and criminals who wish to harm our community. The Nevadans are paying the price for Biden and Sisolak’s decisions, ”Lombardo said.

In July alone, 2,071 pounds of fentanyl were seized nationwide, the equivalent of 469 million lethal doses. Last week, Nevada state police seized 56 pounds of suspected fentanyl from Ely, and similar stories are popping up across the state. Just two milligrams of fentanyl is considered a deadly dose – “a size so small it can fit on the tip of a pen,” according to the Justice Department.

The Nevada State Police remains committed to keeping dangerous drugs out of our state and our communities. Earlier this month, …

Posted by Nevada State Police Highway Patrol on Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Fentanyl is primarily produced in China before being flown to Mexico, where Mexican drug cartels then traffick the drug into American communities across the nation’s porous southern border. Lombardo’s campaign noted that while Biden’s “disastrous open border policies have made it easier for drug traffickers to bring drugs into the country, Steve Sisolak has made it easier for drug dealers and traffickers to operate in Nevada.”

“In 2019, Sisolak lifted up the amount of substance required for a low-level drug trafficking charge of 2400 percent, from 4 grams to 100 grams. Sisolak also increased the amount of the substance for a high-level trafficking charge from 28 grams to 400 grams, an increase of 1,328 percent, giving drug dealers and traffickers a huge break. Since 2019, traffic charges weighing 100 grams or more have increased by more than 1,000 percent, ”said Elizabeth Ray, spokesperson for Lombardo’s campaign.

Breitbart News contacted Sisolak’s representatives and asked them what he is doing to combat the fentanyl crisis and if he would like to respond to Lombardo’s allegations. He did not respond at the time of publication.

Numerous reports from local Nevada news outlets have begun detailing spikes in deaths from fentanyl among young people and within the Hispanic community, which makes up 30 percent of the state’s population. In August 2022, the Southern Nevada Health District reported that “fentanyl continues to be a significant public health concern in Clark County and is driving the rise in opioid-related deaths.” Clark County, the 14th largest county in the nation, accounts for 70% of the state and includes Las Vegas.

In 2021, there were 619 drug overdose deaths among Clark County residents. Of these deaths, opioids (prescription and illicit) accounted for 59.5%. Meanwhile, drug overdose deaths in Clark County increased 48.1% from 2019, while opioid-related deaths in Clark County increased 56.6% in 2021. In 2021, the rate of Overdose mortality was highest in zip code 89101 with 103.4 overdose deaths per 100,000 residents, ”according to the health district.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says overdose deaths nationwide involving synthetic opioids other than methadone, which includes fentanyl and fentanyl analogues, increased by more than 56% from 2019 to 2020. overdose deaths involving synthetic opioids in 2020 was 18 times the number in 2013. John Binder of Breitbart News noted in April that “four times more fentanyl flows across the US-Mexican border under President Joe Biden than two years earlier, when former President Trump was in office. “

Lombardo’s campaign said that if he ousted vulnerable incumbent Steve Sisolak in November, he would add Nevada to the US governors’ Border Strike Force, “which is an unprecedented partnership created by 26 Republican governors to target cartels and criminals seeking to take advantage of the chaos of the Biden border. “

“As governor, Sheriff Lombardo has pledged to reverse Sisolak’s disastrous anti-crime policies, which have undoubtedly contributed to the increase in fentanyl deaths in Nevada,” concluded his campaign.

Sisolak ‘Soft-on-Crime’ is responsible for the deaths from fentanyl – Pico Launch

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