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This feature will not necessarily help you get a PlayStation 5 more easily, but it could well save some of your games!

Sony is increasing the new features for the PlayStation 5 and future consoles. A few weeks ago, we mentioned a patent filed by the Japanese firm which allows the game to adapt to the level of the player (and thus make it easier, if necessary). Now, Sony plans to add a new feature that can “monitor” a player’s activity on a game. Here’s why.

An automatic pause on PS5, is it really necessary?

As a gamer, you must have faced an emergency and stormed out of your house, without necessarily thinking about pausing or stopping your game. Once back, you might even have a few surprises on your game, especially if you’re on Elden Ring ! Although this is a rather exceptional case, Sony has decided to make it easier for you in the future.

In this patent, which you can freely consult in its entirety here, we discover that Sony wants to analyze your activity on the PS5 in real time. The goal ? Ability to automatically pause a game in case you didn’t have time to do so.

The detection will be done thanks to the camera connected to the console as well as to the sensors of the controller. The microphone will analyze sounds and their intensity while the camera will look for movement. At a time when Sony’s latest console remains a hassle to obtain, even if the end of the shortage may well come, one wonders if adding such a feature to the PlayStation 5 is necessary.

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Sony wants to monitor your activity on the console for this exact reason – OI Canadian

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