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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Two days after Christmas and some Southwest Airlines passengers cannot get to their destinations at OKC’s Will Rogers World Airport.

“I got here at 4:00am on Sunday morning to get the word that the fight was cancelled,” said Dan Richardson, a Southwest customer. “I stood in line here for two and a half – three hours – getting rebooked for another flight on the 29.”

Richardson wants to visit his family in Sacramento. The flight planned for the 29th was eventually cancelled.

Even with the inconvenient delays, Richardson said Southwest is an airline he will use again.

“I choose Southwest because they’re a good deal most of the time,” said Richardson.

Down in baggage claim, passengers were searching the rows of suitcases left out with their names on them.

“My bag is somewhere probably in Houston,” said Jeanine Bryce.

Bryce was originally scheduled to fly into OKC from Albuquerque on Sunday.

The flight was cancelled, but then she booked an alternative with the connecting flight in Houston. The mother and grandmother from Edmond said her son, who lives in Dallas, told her to hold off on getting on the plane to Texas. He was worried she would get stuck in Houston with no where to go and no one to help her.

“My kids who were driving back to Dallas came and picked me up – drove me to Oklahoma City yesterday,” said Bryce.

Southwest Airlines has struggled to overcome the winter weather the country experienced last week. Delays and cancellations have filled the departure and arrival boards.

Southwest stood alone at the top with cancellations exceeding 2500 on Tuesday alone.

In OKC, there were 31 flights cancelled on Tuesday.

The issues were nationwide, and in California one OKC native had trouble finding a flight to OU’s bowl game in Orlando, Florida.

“It’s extremely frustrating because I was supposed to get in tonight,” said Jada Clemons, who’s boyfriend plays for the Sooners. “Now I’m not able to get in until the actual morning of the ball game.”

Clemons said she did not get a full refund, instead it was flight credits, making her search for a new last-minute flight more difficult and costly.

She is expecting to meet family while in Florida this week. But with the delay in her arrival, the time to see loved ones is shortened.

“The game is on the 29th and I’m coming back on the 30th,” said Clemons. “My Disney World experience and all the fun part – it’s supposed to be with my family – is now over.”

Southwest Airlines continues to struggle serving passengers several days after winter storm

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