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LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The new Pfizer COVID-19 bivalent vaccine booster came from the federal government, and the health system is planning to offer them at its Sparrow Medical Group Primary Care Practices.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that those ages 12 and older get updated booster doses. One official with Sparrow said it’s important to get your shot as soon as possible.

“The new booster for covid is important for people because it has the most current strands of covid in it, the omicron B.A.4 and B.A.5 strands,” Director of Pharmacy for Sparrow Health System Todd Belding said.

Those strands are what Sparrow said are causing most of the current infections. An average of 94 people tested by Sparrow Laboratories were found to be positive for COVID-19 over the past seven days. That’s down 11% from the previous week of 106 cases.

“The previous vaccine did not have those strands and so this will provide a greater immunity to people that are exposed to those,” Belding said.

The new updated bivalent boosters are already in the hands of Sparrow and they’re looking to get them in the arms of people in the next few days.

“So, we have received it in the pharmacy already, we’re in the process of shipping them out to our S-M-Gs for distribution. And they should have it at our Sparrow Medical Group offices by Friday,” he said.

This delivery comes as covid admissions to Sparrow Hospital are on the rise, officials point to a seven-day rolling average increase of 16% from last week.

“We have not seen as many hospitalizations as we did early in the covid pandemic, but the new strains are prevalent out there and this is going to provide people the most up-to-date immunity in those strains,” Belding said.

They also said side effects may vary from person to person, but the response is something similar to when you received the shot before.

“You’re going to have a day or two where you’re going to be more lethargic, a sore arm, bruising if you experienced it with the first covid vaccine,” he said.

Want to get your dose? Schedule a vaccine appointment with your Sparrow SMG practice or get it during an upcoming visit.

You can find more information on their website.

Sparrow receives a large shipment of updated boosters

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