In this article, you will get all information regarding Spot for Wheel of Fortune enthusiasts ‘mistake’ winner Ricky Gilbert made that could’ve cost him the $1million prize

WHEEL-of Fortune viewers spotted Ricky Gilbert’s mistake, which could have cost him $1million.

“The contestant replied “I wish I thought of that” After online supporters posted a smart tactic that he could use, he was retorted.

Ricky Gilbert (left) stormed through an impressive game on Monday's episode of Wheel of Fortune
Ricky Gilbert (left), stormed through a thrilling game Monday’s Wheel of Fortune Credits for the image: YouTube/Wheel of Fortune
But viewers spotted a mistake the contestant made which might have cost him the $1m prize
However, viewers noticed a mistake that the contestant had made and it could have led to him losing the $1m prize. Image Credits: Twitter/@WheelofFortune

On Monday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, New Yorker Ricky enjoyed a perfect game by solving every single puzzle correctly.

Pat Sajak laughed as Ricky got to work quickly and solved both the tossups. “Do you just want to tell us what the third one is?”

Ricky solved all the puzzles leaving behind his rivals.

Pat solved the Bonus Round correctly and revealed Ricky’s additional $40,000 winnings, which made his total win $89,120.

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Some viewers were surprised to see that the digital marketer did not offer the possibility of winning more.

He held the Million Dollar Wedge at one time, but he lost it after he became Bankrupt.

One former Wheel of Fortune champion tweets the player asking: “In the fourth round, did you consider blowing your turn on purpose so you could defend your Million Dollar Wedge that you eventually lost from too much spinning?”

Ricky replied: “I didn’t. I wish I thought of that beforehand.”

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He explained: “But you still have to spin to say a letter, and I didn’t know the puzzle yet. For the final round, I saved the wild card.

“But regardless, I wouldn’t have won the million so no regrets!”


Ricky may have been able to walk away with top prize if he had used a different strategy, according to another fan.

“If you’re ever on Wheel of Fortune and have a huge lead, plus the million dollar card, plus a wild… guess the puzzle incorrectly each time so you no longer have to spin… no bankrupt that way.”

The second tweet continued: “You then go to the final puzzle with a chance at a million plus a wild card. There’s like a 5% chance the guy tonight threw away the chance at a million.”

Ricky wrote: “Wish I realized!”

“Such a good point.”

Ricky shared a second tweet with his newly found fans “it’s been a wild few days!” Since his appearance at America’s Game.


Vanna White and Pat were both amazed by the player’s performance during one of their most thrilling episodes in 2022.

Even the other contestants began to cheer “Go Ricky” He solved the opening tossups within seconds.

“Boy, it’s been all Ricky,” Pat exclaimed while his streak continued.

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The impressive performances were shared by viewers on Twitter.

“Very fortunate to be a witness to this sporting master class,” Posted one.

Ricky treated fans to a 'masterclass' in Wheel of Fortune as he solved all 10 puzzles correctly
Ricky offered a masterclass on Wheel of Fortune, where he successfully solved every one of the puzzles. Image credit: YouTube/Wheel of Fortune
The stunning performance impressed hosts Vanna White and Pat Sajak
Vanna and Pat Sajak were amazed by this performance Image credit: ABC/Wheel of Fortune

Spot for Wheel of Fortune enthusiasts ‘mistake’ winner Ricky Gilbert made that could’ve cost him the $1million prize

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