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Boba Fett hasn’t had it easy lately. Up until relatively recently, he was one of the most revered characters in Star Wars, combining ruthless efficiency, a bunch of cool toys, and an iconic suit of armor. When he returned in The Mandalorian, fans cheered as he effortlessly dismantled a squad of Stormtroopers and gruffly aided our hero in his quest.

Boba’s moment in the spotlight finally arrived with The Book of Boba Fett, which promised to show the feared bounty hunter taking over Jabba the Hutt’s role as a Tatooine underworld kingpin. Sadly it didn’t work out like that, with the series clearly hamstrung by refusing to let a heroic character succeed through crime. Though The Book of Boba Fett had its moments, it’s generally considered a bottom-tier Disney Plus original, and Star Wars fans know which take on the character they prefer:

The results are pretty conclusive, with most quickly identifying why The Book of Boba Fett didn’t work:

Having him only able to commit “good crimes” really misses the point. Let’s see him running some spice!

It’s on the mark to say he became essentially a grumpy cop:

Plus, after so long taking bounties from crime lords, he really should have known what the job entails:

It’s also worth pointing out that Din Djarin essentially pinched a lot of Boba Fett’s unique qualities, especially with The Mandalorian having its roots in the canceled Boba Fett spinoff movie:

And, maybe in the right hands, his story could have been up there with Andor:

Boba putting his trust in scooter teens also shows he maybe didn’t have the best tactical instincts:

Though Boba Fett’s reputation has been substantially dented following The Book of Boba Fett, we still think the character could be rehabilitated. Start off a second season with his Tatooine operation being brutally dismantled by the Crimson Dawn, topped off with the murder his pet Rancor. The stage is set for John Wick x Star Wars as Fett goes back to his old self, and begins a roaring rampage of revenge across the galaxy.

But, at least for now, maybe it’s best to give Boba a break for a few years and try again later.

‘Star Wars’ stans know exactly which Disney version of Boba Fett they prefer

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