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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City woman was asleep at home with no idea that her car was not only stolen, but in flames just a mile away. The Oklahoma City Police Department is investigating the situation that happened early Friday morning.

Mary Mendez lives on SW 61st St. Friday at about 6 a.m., her daughter wanted to take their blue 1991 Honda Hatchback to work but it was gone. The family had know idea where it was.
They called the police and about an hour later an officer brought them bad news.

“We found your car,” Mary said the Oklahoma City officer told her. “It was in flames on I-240 behind the Dollar Tree.”

The car was about one mile away burning in the alley behind the shopping center at 1614 W. Interstate 240 Service Rd, near Pennsylvania Ave.
“My heart dropped,” Mendez said. “It was just an awful feeling because to work hard for something and for someone just to come and take it, it’s not fair.”

She explained to KFOR that she was told the thief stripped her car of its audio equipment and tires before igniting it. 

She also stressed that matters are worse because she was put in a wheelchair about a week ago for a work injury. She has a bulging disc in her back.

“With Christmas around the corner and I’m in a wheelchair right now, everything just seems like it’s going bad for me,” she said with tears. “And that car wasn’t a new car, but we had just put a $3,000 motor in it and we just brought it home a couple of days ago. For someone just to come and take something that you work hard for sucks.”

Mendez had started a Gofundme to help her replace her means of transportation as she supports five children from a wheelchair:
Oklahoma City police are investigating the case.

Stolen & burned vehicle is returned to it’s owner

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