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SUNSET, La. (KLFY) — In Sunset, residents are voicing their frustration over an ongoing water issue.

Stephanie Smith-Milburn, a Sunset resident, said “When you look at that water, I contacted the department of health last year, we had the same thing last Christmas. That’s people’s fear. Will this be a repeat of last year?”

Milburn said the water issues in Sunset have occurred for several years leading up to this week’s boil advisory. She said residents have reached out to the town to address the matter, but no action has taken place.

After dealing with dirty water last Christmas, Milburn feels the town can flush the water system to avoid a similar issue this year.

“Flush the water,” Milburn said. “When I spoke to the department of health last year when it happened, they said the tank is not being flushed. The people of this town deserve water, fresh water. If we’re going to pay that water bill, if you’re going to go up on the water bill, then do something by flushing and continuously flushing.”

News 10 has reached out to the mayor’s office for comment but has not heard back as of news time.

Sunset residents concerned over water issues

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