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Humans are capable of stooping to incredible depths, and it is a shame the holidays seem to bring out the worst in those who are seeking to take advantage of others. Among the many scams is preying on shoppers who are considering a pet for the holidays.

“Bringing home a pet is exciting as you take on the responsibility of caring for a new animal companion,” said state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey. “However, it’s important to ensure your pet comes from a reputable shelter or breeder, and watch for deceptive offers.”

Morrisey’s office noted it is especially important to be wary of purchasing an animal online.

“Never buy a pet without seeing it, especially from someone requesting an “adoption fee” or “shipping fee” via money order or wire transfer,” the office noted.

It is important to get health records and verify the operation has a relationship with a veterinarian’s office; secure proof of purchase; and be suspicious of anyone offering popular breeds for free. Get all the paperwork.

But perhaps the most important piece of advice offered by Morrisey’s office was this: “Consider a gift certificate to a local animal shelter or a promise to adopt.”

This will greatly reduce the risk of an animal being adopted only to be returned a few days later. Animal shelters are full of worthy animals who could make good additions to a family if the entire family is on board.

A card under the tree with a note promising a trip to the animal shelter is a far better option than any of the routes that could lead to being scammed.

Be cautious and use common sense when it comes to protecting yourselves and pets this season. A new family member can be a blessing, but there are options to ensure you don’t make a mistake that costs you both.

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Take Precautions With Pet Purchase

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