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The old man arrived at the emergency room with a World War I artillery shell shoved up his anus. The hospital was partially evacuated.

An 88-year-old man triggered an unusual “bomb alert” last Saturday night when he was taken to the emergency room at the Sainte-Musse hospital in Toulon, France, because he had a World War I grenade stuck in his anus. The hospital had to be partially evacuated, reports “cnews”.

The hospital management first organized the partial evacuation of the hospital and the closure of some departments, and also prepared to divert new patients to other hospitals. A tent was also set up outside the building to house some of the sick.

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“So we had to treat our atypical patient, who assured us from the start that the grenade was demilitarized,” an emergency room worker told Nice Matin. However, the hospital wanted to be sure and called in a demining unit to assess the danger. After analysis, explosives experts ruled out a risk of explosion. “They reassured us that it was a World War I collector bullet used by the French military,” the hospital said. The elderly man was safely operated on and the grenade, which was about 20 centimeters long and two or six centimeters in diameter, was removed. The patient is in good health.

It is believed that the patient inserted the object into his anus to obtain sexual pleasure. “An apple, a mango or even a can of shaving cream – we’re used to finding unusual objects where they don’t belong,” explained one doctor. “But a grenade? Never!”

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The 88 Year Old Has A Grenade In His Rectum The Hospital Is Evacuated – S Chronicles

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