In this article, you will get all information regarding The designer Nimois Achdé is “planking” in Avignon all weekend!

Come and meet Achdé in Avignon all this weekend for the 4th edition of the comic book festival

A precocious designer!

Herve Darmentonsaid Achdewas born in 1961 in Lyons. He grew up in Nîmes …he was given the task of taking over the designs of Lucky Luke when Morris died.


And since 2011, he writes and draws the derivative series alone Lucky child.

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“The Arch of Rantamplan”the last volume of Lucky Luke was released in October 2022: The Adventures of Lucky Luke according to Morris – Volume 10.

the ark of rantamplan
the ark of rantamplan

Who is Achde?

He was born in Lyon, but grew up in a ZUP in Nîmes

He realises his first comic at the age of 3 : the story of a brave knight who saves a white lady! …After publishing his first drawing at 14 in a fanzine, he decides to become a comic book author. But, without the baccalaureate, he had to give up the fine arts and worked in a radiology office. In 1988, he self-published his first album, Crossed destiniesthen signed his first contract with Dargaud in 1991.

In 1993, he launched the series CRS=Distress. After a visit to Spirou where it happens Fort Braillard, Woker and Doc Vetohe takes up the character of Lucky Luke on scenarios by Laurent Gerra.

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He grew up in a ZUP in Nîmes, in the middle of the scrubland, at the heart of a mixture of communities and cultures, which did not prevent good daily relations and games with friends from different backgrounds.

I lived La Ribambelle every day! “, he says, evoking his youth

As his parents do not have enough money to pay him the cinema, he is content to watch the Sunday film on TV. “I had the choice between a western and a film about knights. I preferred the first: the cowboys impressed me, while the knights looked stupid in their tin can! »,

Back in the region, he resumed his job as an electroradiology manipulator. The drawing tickles this comic book lover, an avid reader of the mythical magazine Mad. He leaves a few crobards lying around in the office’s waiting room, to the delight of the patients who have come for an X-ray.

He fell very young into the pot of comics.

The “fault” of Morris, Lucky Luke and the mythical poker duel scene in the album Le Juge, which he discovered at the age of 4 while reading a number of Spirou. At the age of 7, Achdé steals part of the collection money from the church to buy his first Lucky Luke album! But let the tenants of morality be reassured, the day he took over the series, he returned to the scene to put the equivalent of the sum in the trunk! The sequel is known. It belongs to the contemporary history of comic strips: after the difficult years, the creation of a small advertising agency, the first drawings published in Midi libre, the signing of a contract with Dargaud on his 30th birthday. , success with the CRS = Détresse series is, finally, consecration with the revival of Lucky Luke.

“When I started out, I went to Paris once a year to present my file… which all the publishers refused, with the most diverse pretexts. I think it was my tenacity that kept me going! »,

He never gave up, not even when he lost everything during the floods in Nîmes in 1988. Anyway, from kindergarten, his future was written. The day the mistress had asked him what he worked later, his answer had rocketed, as fast as a cowboy drawing his six-shooter: “I want to draw Lucky Luke! »

achdé VS lucky luke
achdé VS lucky luke
© Photo credit: Stéphane Lartigue Archives

He has devoted himself entirely to drawing since 1985.

He collaborated for various fanzines, and self-published his first comic strip, “Destins Croisés” in 1988. He joined the publishing house Dargaud in 1991 and created a few new series, alone or in partnership, including “Fort Braillard”, “Woker” (which deals with an interplanetary Tarzan), and “Doc Véto”. In 1993, he launched the comedy series “CRS = Détresse”.

Following the death of Morris in 2001, Achdé was given the task of continuing the “Lucky Luke” series in collaboration with Laurent Gerra, Daniel Pennac or Jul.

“For me it was a childhood dream; when I was little, Lucky Luke was my favorite hero, and when I was young I wanted to become a designer”.

he is the author of Les Damnés de la route and Les Hockeyeurs.

At Bamboo, Achdé launched the comic series “Les Damnés de la route” in 2000. He delivered about ten albums, scripted by different authors, until 2016.

A new series is completed, entitled “Les Aventures de Lucky Luke d’après Morris”, the first album of which was released in 2004. From the seventh album, released in 2016, it was another Dargaud author who became the screenwriter, Jul.

In 2011, at Dargaud, ACHDE relaunched the derivative series “Kid Lucky”, a universe designed in 1995 by Yann le Pennetier and Didier Conrad. In 2012, with 6 other caricaturists, he published his gouache portraits of western personalities in the “Wanted” album, published by Valentine.


4th edition of the Comic Strip Festival in Avignon, place de l’Horloge on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 November, with 2 spaces dedicated to children :
How to put in page and image, a story? How to create a character? Also with workshops where young people can learn the basics of drawing.

An exhibition in the peristyle of the town hall

11 authors will deliver their interpretation of Avignon by staging one of their heroes in the papal city.
Ted Benoit – Eric Bourgier – Serge Fino – Hermann – Patrick Jusseaume Jean-Charles Kraehn – Patrice Pellerin – Dominique Rousseau – Béatrice Tillier – Francis Vallès

The exhibition is presented until November 27.

The designer Nimois Achdé is “planking” in Avignon all weekend!

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