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Tintin, Hergé’s hero, will no longer have his shop in Toulouse. After more than twenty years of existence, its manager blames it for having found a successor. Louis-Bertrand Lozevis was the guest of “The New Eco”
on France Bleu Occitanie.

“As Hergé said, Tintin is read from 7 to 77 years old. At the beginning of the year, I will be 77 years old so it is time to enjoy his children and his grandchildren”. – Louis-Bertrand Lozevis

Louis-Bertrand Lozevis is about to celebrate his 77th birthday, so he wants to enjoy his retirement. Unfortunately he did not find a buyer for his shop located 12 rue des Puits Closin the city center. “My customers are unhappy, they will have to go two hundred kilometers or on the internet to get the parts, it’s a shame. I had found a buyer but he did not have validation from his bank” , explains the manager.

Total liquidation until December 31

The store is liquidated until December 31 but there is now not much left. “These are the rockets that have had the most success in the shop, the rockets from Objectif lune and We walked on the moon”, says Louis-Bertrand Lozevis, very sad to close his shop definitively. But what will become of the store’s big rocket? : “She’s going to my house, to my house. I have to have a memory too!”smiled Mr. Lozevis.

He assures that success has never been extinguished: “Young people are also endowed with Tintin. Parents pass on the books they have read”. You therefore have until Saturday, December 31, 2022 to go and buy, at reduced prices, the last objects with the effigy of Tintin.

The famous Tintin shop in Toulouse will close its doors on December 31

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