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The first connected toilets compatible with Alexa will soon be available for sale. They cost more than 11,000 euros. Available only in the United States at first, these toilets offer all the premium services anyone could hope for. They were first presented at CES in Las Vegas in 2019.

kohler numi 2 toilet alexa

Our homes are increasingly connected. Whether it’s the front door, with connected doorbells, biometric locks, electric shutters, garage doors and security cameras. Or lights and heating, with bulbs, sockets or the thermostat connected. Or household appliances: robot cooker, refrigerator, robot vacuum cleaner and even washing machine.

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There are therefore few rooms in your house or apartment that are not “connected”. The toilets maybe? More really. Indeed, there are more and more connected toilets “, controlled from a remote control, with some very practical automated additional services: the rear window that rises by itself, the heated seat, the activation of the automatic flush with deodorization, etc.

Alexa-enabled smart toilets coming soon

But the Kohler brand has gone a little further with its Numi 2.0 project. A project that we presented in our columns in 2019 on the occasion of its formalization at CES in Las Vegas. So four years ago. These are toilets whose particularity is to be compatible with Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. You can therefore talk to it in order to launch certain functions: launch a music playlist, ask for the weather, get information or control other connected objects.

kohler numi 2 toilet alexa

Four years later, the project is not dead, quite the contrary. Numi 2.0 has arrived in the brand’s catalog. And we even learn what the price of these connected toilets you can talk to: €11,000, Taxes included. This is a price much higher than the other “connected toilets” from Kohler, the amount requested of which varies between 4700 and 8000 euros, for services which remain quite similar, apart from the voice commands of Alexa. Today Kohler only offers Numi 2.0 in the United States. And curiously, the Japanese are not served first…

The first toilets compatible with Amazon Alexa cost 11,000 euros – OI Canadian

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