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Will he play or not on Wednesday? The mystery surrounding the state of health of star player Alphonso Davies is still as dense as Canada approaches the stage at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The Bayern Munich player has not played since leaving the pitch clutching the back of his right thigh on November 6 in a Bundesliga game against Hertha Berlin . A visibly motivated Davies arrived in Qatar late, setting foot there last Friday after opting to stay in Germany to undergo treatment for a pulled hamstring.

Bayern then assured that its participation in the World Cup “is not at risk”, a positive statement, but very vague in terms of deadlines for returning to play.

Soccer Canada did not release the 22-year-old from Edmonton to the media after the daily training session. Davies, however, took the initiative on Sunday to say he would be ready in an interview with TSN.

“I’m ready,” he said, referring to Canada’s match, 41st in the world, against Belgium, second on the planet, on Wednesday.

Canadian head coach John Herdman was more cautious during his press briefing on Saturday. He said that while he was able to participate in some physical contact drills in training, he’s still not 100%.

“He’s not 100 per cent in terms of speed yet, and when you suffer an injury like that, it’s always a defining moment. This is when you need to push your hamstrings to the limit. »

Davies appeared to reach one of those limits during a warm-up exercise on Monday, when he grimaced before pulling away, presumably clutching his leg. He returned to the warm-up a little later, but seemed to suffer from discomfort for a few seconds.

Journalists gain access to the pitch approximately 15 minutes before the start of the actual training session, before being returned to the media centre. This means that they can only observe the players coming onto the pitch for their warm-up period.

On Monday, they performed at two training grounds at the site where media is allowed, meaning they were practically on the moon. A camera fitted with a specialist lens, however, captured the moment Davies winced in pain.

Then, what happened during the workout is a mystery. The players could have lit a barbecue that no one would have known.

Thus, in the absence of a reliable source of information concerning the Canadian star player, the craziest rumors began to circulate.

Herdman will therefore be in the spotlight again on Tuesday at Canada’s pre-game press conference. Davies won’t be there, but his name is likely to end up on the carpet quickly.

The mystery still hangs over the presence of Alphonso Davies for the first game of Canada – OI Canadian

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