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Pope Francis has thecourage” and the “courage“from the leader of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, Hebe de Bonafiniwho died this Sunday at the age of 93 He has highlighted his “passion for wanting to give a voice to those who didn’t have it”.according to a letter published this Monday by the Mothers’ Association.

“In this moment of sadness at the death of Hebe de Bonafini, Mother of the Square, I want to be close to you and to everyone who is grieving for you‘ the Pope stressed at the beginning of the letter to the organization created in the early stages of Argentina’s last civil-military dictatorship (1976-1983).

According to Francisco, who served as Jesuit Provincial and Rector of the San Jose School during the dictatorship, Hebe de Bonafini (1928-2022) he knew how to “transform his life, marked by the pain of his missing children, into an “untiring search” for the defense of the most “excluded”.

His bravery and courage, in moments of silence, encouraged and then kept alive the search for truth, memory and justice“, Francisco has asserted, recalling the weekly marches of mothers (“rounds”).”lest oblivion take over the streets and history“.

“On this last march we accompany them in prayer and ask the Lord for it give him eternal rest and do not let all the good go to waste; and I comfort and accompany you to continue being mothers of remembrance,” reads the letter, dated at the papal residence of Santa Marta.


“I’m done”

The Archbishop of La Plata, Victor Manuel Fernandez, also wished Hebe de Bonafini “eternal peace”, whom he visited last Friday at the Italian hospital in La Plata, where he was hospitalized for several days due to the worsening of his chronic diseases. “I found them very well prepared. “I’m ready,” she told me with a smile. I gave him a greeting from Francisco. She said that after being reconciled with him, she returned to the faith.‘ Fernández declared on his official Twitter account.

In 2016, Pope Francis ordered the declassification of the Church’s archives for the period 1976-1983, which consisted primarily of letters from family members seeking help and responses and efforts from the institution.

Various social organizations, including the Grandmothers and Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, who estimate that 30,000 disappeared during state terrorism, At various meetings they had asked the Pope to open the Vatican archives in order to be able to see these documents.

Bonafini, who would have been 94 on December 4, Since 1979 he headed one of the factions of the organization of mothers who lost their children during the dictatorship.. The government declared a three-day national mourning for the activist’s death

The Pope Highlights The “courage” And “courage” Of Hebe De Bonafini: “She Wanted To Give A Voice To Those Who Did Not Have Her” Pope Francis – S Chronicles

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