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The Russian government called on the Ministry of Emergency Situations for more than 800 million rubles. the impact of urgent humanitarian assistance to Cuba in 2022-2023 is more natural published on the portal of autumn information.

We are talking about the purchase and supply of food wheat. For the purchase in 2022 of up to 25,000 tons of wheat, 468.9 million rubles will be allocated, 298.6 million rubles. will be directed to its delivery by sea to Cuba in 2022 and almost 33.2 million rubles. – in 2023. The funds will be allocated from the federal budget.

The Ministry of Finance was instructed to provide financing, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia – when concluding a state contract, settlements are carried out with the “application of a treasury obligation”, as well as such purchases, transfer and transfer to authorized control bodies in the regions in compliance with storage conditions. The Russian Foreign Ministry, within the framework of its obligations, should assist in the delivery of humanitarian aid.

December 15 Russian President Vladimir Putin declaredthat Russia continues the population of the poorest countries in Asia, Western and other regions, providing them with food and other goods. He said that Russia is ready to supply about 260,000 tons of fertilizers free of charge in the coming months.

Putin formerly owned countries Fighting food shortages. He also noted that after the decisions were made in Russia, some states and global corporations used their monopoly advantages, breeding skills, the production of genetic materials to hold the aggregations and “aggressively seize markets.”

On July 22, representatives of Turkey and the United Nations received permission to export to Ukraine, as well as to assist in the export of customs declarations and customs duties. A ban on non-compliance with the second part of the agenda, which concerns the memorandum between Russia and the UN. At the same time, the UN is working to remove restrictions that hinder exports.

The Russian government offers 800 million rubles for the supply of wheat to Cuba

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