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Scandals in the English royal family have always interested the English people and the world. This intensified after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, when the monarchy began to reveal the enormous problems they have with one another. Likewise, intrigues within the royal family have always been the order of the day. A few years ago, Lady Di was the protagonist of many of them, especially those related to the King Charles III and his mistress and now wife Camilla Parker.

Lady you is the mother of Prince William and his brother Harry and was married to the stream for many years king of England, the King Charles III. This was an extremely violent relationship in which both were very complex psychologically as a couple. Camilla Parker, the third in the story, was friends with her Lady you who ended up breaking the friendship after starting an affair with him King Charles III who did you marry after death Lady you years ago.

“The Crown” is a series on the Netflix platform that has several seasons and in which all these contradictory facts in the family of the family are referred to King Charles III. In the series the infidelity of Camilla Parker with the King Charles III but between her and Lady you There was a tense meal that the series doesn’t seem want to show on the small screen, and many believe it’s because it’s not allowed.

Apparently they both shared a lunch where Lady you I’m looking inside Camilla Parker help to integrate properly into the life of Buckingham Palace, as the royal house has very strict laws that the King Charles III he was used to it, though Lady you No, and I was only 19 at the time. Camila Parker had an affair with him. King Charles III Then what Lady you Little did I know the story was going on.

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at this lunch Lady you could show how much Camilla Parker knew the King Charles III and the different attachment she had to her new husband. This romance between Camilla Parker and the King Charles III It wasn’t known until a long time later why Lady you She was married to him for many years King Charles III while he developed his infidelity with Camilla Parker Woman he eventually married after the accident that took her life Lady you.

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The Tense Lunch That Lady Di And Camilla Parker Actually Had That “The Crown” Will Never Show You – S Chronicles

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