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The year 2022 will have brought luck to several celebrities. Some have indeed found love again and are living a real fairy tale.

Some celebrities have found love again this year and appear more in love than ever. After having experienced painful breakups, they finally radiate happiness.

These celebrities who found love in 2022

On the side of the planet people, the year 2022 has been rich in twists and turns. Death of Elizabeth II, trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, cancer of Florent Pagny… celebrities have not been spared. While many had to face painful moments, others, on the contrary, had a good year. This is particularly the case for stars who have found love again!

Ingrid Chauvin, emblematic figure of Tomorrow belongs to us, separated in 2020 from Thierry Peythieu and went through a difficult divorce. The 51-year-old actress appeared as a couple in 2022 and succumbed to his love of youth: Philippe Warrin.

“As soon as we saw each other, there was this incredible emotion,the feeling to have in front of you the other half of the puzzle that we are all looking for, she said for Gala. Ingrid Chauvin is not the only one to have found her better half this year.

Fabienne Carat, Johnny Depp, Vincent Lagaf’…

Fabienne Carat gave birth to a baby girl and said she was a single mother. The former star of More beautiful life nevertheless has formalized its history in 2022 with Alain Attard. If his name means anything to you, it’s that he took part in Married to the first look at M6. Alain seems to have found his place with little Celeste.

Vincent Lagaf’ has separated from his companion Véronique after more than 20 years of living together. The host of the Bigdil is nevertheless no longer a heart to take and is in a relationship with a… psychologist! He did not want to reveal the identity of the lucky winner. “it is not at all connected to show business but made with the horror of everyday life, the one you can touch with your finger”he explained.

Johnny Depp has been talked about a lot this year because of his lawsuit with his ex Amber Heard. The actor of Pirates of the Caribbeanhappy days flow today with his lawyer Joelle Rich.

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These 10 stars found love in 2022 and are happier than ever – OI Canadian

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