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Overcomethis is the name of the application developed by the company Hometrix Healthbased on the work of the neuroscience laboratory Comet from the University of Caen. A collaboration that has made it possible to set up a digital screening solution that aims to detect the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease, before the degenerative process reaches a too advanced stage.

Alzheimer’s disease of the century

Today, in France, more than a million people suffer from a neuro-evolving disease. In 70% of cases, it is Alzheimer’s, often referred to as the “disease of the century”. The challenge is all the more important as this type of pathology is set to increase with the aging of the population, as Antonin Folliasson, founder of Hometrix Health, reminds our colleagues at La Tribune:

By 2050, if nothing is done, this disease will affect nearly 10% of people over 65 and 6.2% of the working population »

Unfortunately, these pathologies are generally diagnosed too late to be able to offer an effective solution. So far, no drug treatment has proven to be convincing. To fight against the disease, prevention is therefore the best solution in order to delay or prevent the symptoms of a neuro-evolving disease.

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It is in this context that the start-up Hometrix Health is launching Overcome, an application that offers exercises designed specifically by the neuroscience laboratory of the University of Caen for people over 65. The different “tests” are meant to be fun, some call on memory, others on attention or reactivity. The results of these exercises thus make it possible to identify the profiles at risk in order to take charge of them as soon as possible.

An application already tested in the field

It is the 1st French collective for personal assistance and care, Amaelles, which has been testing the application in the field since the end of October 2022, in the Perche region. Thanks to a tablet, caregivers suggest to their patients if they wish to play the game. The data collected is used to test the relevance of the exercises, the results of which are cross-referenced with other medical data and analyzed by artificial intelligence.

Valuable information that is collected as close as possible to the people who will benefit the most from this application: caregivers and people at risk, as Leslie Decker, lecturer for the COMETE Unit, reminds us:

“We have provided proof of concept. It is now necessary to extend the data collection to a greater number of people to perfect the application. »

Overcome is a very good example of synergy between science and technology, in the service of solving public health problems.

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This French application detects the precursor signs of “the disease of the century” – OI Canadian

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