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CRAIG Melvin has revealed the most popular co-host amid Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie’s extended absence.

The Today Show stars have taken a hiatus in order to enjoy the holidays with their respective families.


Craig revealed the newest fan favorite Today Show host[/caption]


Hoda and Savannah have been out for the holidays[/caption]

Now Craig, 43, has revealed the newest fan-favorite host during Tuesday morning’s episode.

“With so many Americans trying to get home for Christmas or waiting to see if loved ones have arrived in time, everyone has their eye on the forecast,” he began.

“Dylan Dreyer is the most popular person right now,” he claimed, directing his attention towards the weather woman.

“I’m not sure if that is true but everyone cares about the storm,” Dylan replied in laughter.

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Today’s Savannah sparks concern after she posts pic of son looking ‘sad’


Today’s Savannah Guthrie says holiday tradition ‘looks like a crime scene’

Today’s new fan favorite has taken on the spotlight amid an extended hiatus from lead hosts Hoda and Savannah.

The pair have been out for several days to celebrate Christmas and the holidays with their families.


Savannah, 51, has been sharing her festive traditions with fans during her time away from the show.

But the reporter shocked her followers when she shared a picture of her son Charles looking downtrodden on Christmas morning.

The TV personality took to her Instagram Stories to post photos alongside her husband Michael and their two children.

The family wore matching white pajamas with cartoon images of Santa Claus and coffee mugs printed in a fun pattern.

Although Savannah, Michael, and their daughter Vale, eight, smiled brightly for the camera, six-year-old Charles did not look pleased.

The little boy turned his face away with a sad expression as his mom zoomed in to note that her son was “not that merry.”


Last week, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb left Today fans baffled as both of them were missing from the show.

It left only two hosts, Craig Melvin and Sheinelle Jones, at the anchor desk on Wednesday.

Savannah has been absent from Today since Monday, with Craig filling in for her.

Hoda appeared on the show both days, but was mysteriously absent on Wednesday, along with her co-host.

Sheinelle and Craig took up the reigns as lead co-hosts for the day.

Usually, Savannah and Hoda start off the show, with Craig joining them about 30 minutes in.

But with the many absences of hosts including Savannah, Hoda, Al Roker, and Dylan Dreyer, the daytime news show only had two anchors at the desk.

Sheinelle took Craig’s spot on Monday and Tuesday when Savannah was out.

Carson Daly also sat at the desk for a few stories on Wednesday.

It was likely that the hosts were off due to the holiday break, and no one knows when they will be back.


Despite the silence surrounding her return, Savannah has continued to share family traditions with some humor.

Just days before Christmas, she posted her family’s “cozy gingerbread village,” which she noted, “looked like a crime scene.”

She captioned the post simply saying: “holidaze.”

Dedicated fans reassured Savannah that her and her loved one’s “gingerbread village” was “no crime scene at all.”

“Never seen a crime scene that cute before, but okay,” one joked.

Instagram/Hoda Kotb

Hoda and Savannah have been off air to celebrate the holidays[/caption]


Savannah’s son raised concerns as he appeared to be unhappy in a family photo[/caption]

She's posted several funny family traditions around the holidays
Savannah shared snippets of their holiday traditions with fans

Today host Craig Melvin reveals which co-host is now the ‘most popular’ as Hoda & Savannah remain absent from show

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