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The tobacco factory, saved from demolition by public opinion and Jack Lang, which had become a university, was not initially supposed to accommodate Sciences Po. The IEP was to occupy ex-EDF premises at Bazacle, ultimately destined for a senior residence.

Why make it simple when you can make it complicated. Sciences Po is now recognized in its new premises at the tobacco factory. A result that was not without adventures and was at the heart of a real real estate mishmash.

Did you know that the former tobacco factory in Toulouse almost disappeared before becoming a university in the 1990s? It aborted the mobilization of local residents and defenders of Toulouse’s heritage, relayed by La Dépêche du Midi, and its classification as a historic monument by Jack Lang, to safeguard it from destruction. The Minister of Culture, requested by Jacques Lévy, then in the middle of the municipal campaign, had classified the historic brick buildings and Dominique Baudis finally offered the buildings to the university.

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When the IEP (Institute of Political Studies) of Toulouse looked for new premises, forced to leave its historic headquarters in rue des Puits-Creusés, more up to standard in terms of evacuation, it first set its sights on buildings of the former EDF, at Bazacle, on the banks of the Garonne, bought by the Toulouse metropolis. But the construction project for the ultra-modern building which is to house Sciences Po, contested by local residents, with a request of 1,300 signatures against, was suspended in 2014 and then abandoned. Jean-Luc Moudenc, re-elected mayor, resold the building in 2016 to Toulouse promoter Thierry Oldak, for €4.75 million, the price paid by the community. The promoter obtained a building permit for a luxury senior residence but resold the project three years later to Cogedim for 11 million euros, pocketing a nice capital gain in the process. The project is under construction on the Quai Saint-Pierre.

Toulouse: Commentary Sciences Po ended up at the tobacco factory

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