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A small eco-responsible gesture to end the year… Until January 15, the “I recycle my shells” operation is taking place at four fishmongers in Toulouse.

This is the original idea proposed until January 15, by the start-up Providentiel Coquillages. The principle is simple: take the oyster and scallop shells to four Toulouse fishmongers, after cleaning and rinsing them, for recycling.
“Through this action, we remind you that shells are not waste, says Daniel Moukoko, founder of the start-up Providentiel Coquillages created in 2017. These shells are a source of wealth, especially for chicken feed. They are also an excellent organic fertilizer for vines and market gardening. Significant virtues. However, out of 150,000 tonnes consumed, only 5% of the shells are recovered. »
An idea born quite simply: “It was by watching my cousin feed his hens with crushed shells that I became interested in the subject, continues Daniel Moukoko. Obviously when you know that ecology is at the heart of our start-up’s DNA. It is also a way of boosting the circular economy and zero waste, in particular by using the weight of the bins and the incineration of the contents. »
In 2021, nearly 90 kg of shells were delivered. This success prompted the fishmongers to renew the operation and to continue it, especially during the oyster months, from September to March. As for the public, it is also asking for more collection points in the city “a bit like glass containers. »
This operation also receives the approval of the town halls of Toulouse and Paris where the initiative is also taking place. The Ademe (ecological transition agency) also encourages this start-up, as well as the regional council of Occitanie.

Partner fishmongers: Chez Jeannot (rue Bayard), Poissonnerie du Bonheur in Saint-Cyprien, La Marée Toulousaine at the Victor-Hugo and Carmes markets.

Toulouse. Consider recycling your oyster shells for New Year’s Eve

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