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A reconstruction has just taken place in the case of the murder of a man in the summer of 2020 on the island of Ramier in Toulouse.

The investigation into the murder of a man on the night of July 16, 2020 on the island of Ramier in the heart of Toulouse has reached the point that a reconstruction was organized, recently, in the presence of the protagonists. The victim, a man in his twenties, was found dead after being shot in the head after a beating.
The work of the investigators of the territorial direction of the judicial police had made it possible to identify and arrest several men suspected of being directly linked to this murder. They were remanded in custody.
That night, the occupants of two vehicles found themselves in the parking lot of a private residence on the island of Ramier. For an obscure reason, perhaps a dispute on the background of drug trafficking, the victim had been the subject of a real lynching by several individuals to such an extent that he had had two bare teeth before receiving a bullet in the head.

Named as the shooter, he denies his presence

A 29-year-old man, defended by Mes Ravyn Issa and Appolinaire Legros-Gimbert, participated in this reconstitution. Tells him he saw nothing and found himself there by chance after spending the evening with his girlfriend. Drunk, he ended up getting into his acquaintances’ car in Empalot to find himself at the crime scene. The murder took place under the eyes of a witness who formally designates another man as the shooter. The latter, defended by Me Zadourian, disputes everything, even his presence in the car and at the scene of the homicide.

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The man who would have driven the car, assisted by Mes Sarah Nabet-Claverie and Alexandre Parra-Bruguière, agrees to have been at Ramier that night. However, he says he did nothing. The reconstruction would not have made it possible to advance the outline of a scenario in which everyone is sticking to their positions.
This case should be tried before the Assize Court in the coming months.

Toulouse: the scenario remains unclear around the murder of the man lynched and shot in the head at Ramier

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