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Spaces reserved for disabled people are sometimes occupied by unauthorized vehicles in Toulouse car parks. The municipal police can intervene.

If you are used to the first level of the largest car park in Toulouse, at Jean-Jaurès (1,200 spaces), you may have noticed this aisle of spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility, systematically occupied by unauthorized cars.
A situation that the services of Indigo, the company delegated by the town hall of Toulouse for the management of around fifteen car parks in the city, strongly deplore. Without being able to verbalize these offenders herself. On the other hand, the Toulouse municipal police are authorized to verbalize these unscrupulous motorists.

135 euros fine for improper parking in a space reserved for people with reduced mobility

“On appeal to Allô Toulouse by the manager, the municipal police can verbalize and, if necessary, impound vehicles parked without authorization in places reserved for people with reduced mobility (PRM). The verbalization in this case is 135 €”, explains the town hall of Toulouse.
Since May 18, 2017, fourteen municipal decrees have regulated disabled spaces in paid car parks open to the public.
On the other hand, the car parks of purely private residences do not fall under the scope of these decrees.
Regarding the procedure, it is up to the manager to request the orders of the mayor, then also to the parking manager to call Hello Toulouse, who will send the requests for intervention to the municipal police, further specifies the town hall.

Electric charging places: the subject is under discussion

“As for places concerning charging stations for electric vehicles, the subject is being discussed with the municipality in Toulouse. But for example, this is the case in Agen, where the police verbalize this type of offence”, indicates Patrice Carmaran, manager of Indigo in Toulouse.
In fact, in Toulouse, the verbalization of badly parked cars in underground car parks remains very anecdotal.
“Indeed, note a municipal agent who wishes to remain anonymous, parking companies have little interest in reporting vehicles that are incorrectly parked in their parking lot. It remains a paid car park, and the person parked incorrectly is a customer of the car park”. The town hall and Indigo were unable to provide us with the number of parking minutes drawn up each year in these car parks.

Toulouse: why the municipal police put PVs in underground car parks

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