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It’s the holiday season. What is your stress level? Are you looking for fun and inexpensive ways to celebrate the holiday season stress-free? Renowned life coach Tony Robbins offers some great advice on kid-friendly activities for the holidays. (Some of these you can do without being a kid—just be a kid yourself). Think about how many of these activities you’ve actually done in recent years.

1. Make a Gingerbread House – I confess I’ve never tried this one.

2. Holiday Lights Tour – Michigan International Speedway, Toledo Zoo’s Lights and Indian Creek Zoo in Temperance are a few options.

3. Pinecone Bird Feeder – Using a pinecone, smear it with peanut butter, dip it in bird seed, hang it up.

4. Decorate Your Front Door (Or Your Child’s) Like a Gift

5. Holiday Movie Night – Pick your favorite or tune in to Hallmark.

Twenty-Six Ideas for Holiday Fun

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