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On November 8, voters in the Farmington Public School District will choose one person to serve on the school board for two years. Voters will also choose three candidates for six-year terms.

Members of the school board oversee the district and report to body superintendent Christopher Delgado. The school board does not conduct day-to-day operations; This is the role of the superintendent.

Hometown Life sent each candidate a questionnaire today on their views and the state of the district. Especially long answers were shortened, which is indicated with an ellipsis.

Michelle Bushe I am a teacher and first time candidate. Her volunteer experience includes working with her church and the Woodbrook Hills Swim and Tennis Board.

Claudia Heinrich The board is running for a second two-year term. She is retired, but spent her career as a math teacher. Henrik has also been active in community groups such as the PTA, Jessie Women and Girl Scouts.

There is also one person running as a write-in candidate in the district: Karl Mintz, Hometown Life’s questionnaire was also sent to Mintz, but Mintz did not respond.

What makes you eligible to be a member of the school board and why do you want to be on that position? What do you see as the role of a member of the school board?

Michelle Bushey.

Bushy: I hold a BS in elementary education and a master’s degree in special education, I have been in education for more than 20 years as a teacher in multiple grade levels. I spent a lot of time reviewing and selecting curriculum for multiple grade levels and subjects. I’ve participated in a number of collaborative team environments, both in the school system and on other boards. I am very dedicated and invested in serving the community of Farmington Hills. I am also a parent of three school children. ,

Two candidates filed for the two-year seat

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