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(London) Mpho Tutu-van Furth, daughter of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Desmond Tutu who works as a priest in the United States, has been banned from celebrating a funeral in the United Kingdom because she is married to a woman, a- we learned on Friday.

Mpho Tutu-van Furth, a priest with the Episcopal Church in the United States, was due to celebrate his godfather’s funeral mass on Thursday in the Birmingham area. But the diocese did not authorize this ceremony.

“We recognize that this is a difficult situation. Advice has been given in accordance with current guidance from the House of Bishops on same-sex marriage,” the diocese of Hereford (west of England) wrote in a statement sent to AFP.

The Church of England, which has some 85 million followers worldwide, has since 2005 allowed gay men and women united in civil partnership to become priests. But it has been torn for years on the question of the recognition of homosexual unions, between liberal branches, in the United States or the United Kingdom, and conservatives, the majority in Kenya or Nigeria.

“We all agree that the Christian understanding and doctrine of marriage as a lifelong union between a man and a woman remains unchanged,” reads a text from the House of Bishops on marriage. between people of the same sex.

Questioned by the BBC, Mpho Tutu-van Furth judged this event “really rude and hurtful”. The Church was also strongly criticized on social networks on Friday.

In 2016, the daughter of Desmond Tutu, former Anglican archbishop and hero of the fight against apartheid who died in December 2021, had already been forced to renounce the priesthood in the South African Anglican Church after marrying his partner.

Desmond Tutu had come out in favor of same-sex marriage. “I wouldn’t worship a homophobic God […]. I would refuse to go to a homophobic paradise. […] I am as passionate about this campaign as I have ever been about apartheid,” the archbishop said during a UN campaign for gay rights in 2013.

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United Kingdom | Gay priest, daughter of Desmond Tutu banned from ceremony – TOPALLMEDIA

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