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Sunday December 25, 3 p.m., in a few hours the Christmas market, place du Capitole, will definitively close its doors for this 2022 edition and in the aisles there are still many visitors.

The return of visitors after the yellow vests and the covid

Overall in the 93 stands set up by the town hall traders are satisfied : “it is a very good wine” recognizes a truffle cheese seller with a big smile. “We have almost no products left to sell, that’s a good sign!”

A few chalets away, same story for Marc, producer and craftsman of organic cosmetics. The results are very positive for him: “we lived through the yellow vests, the covid and here is this year this is truly the big year of the reboot.

Catherine is generally satisfied with this edition even if the average basket of her customers has almost halved compared to last year
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Alexandra Lagarde

Catherine, she has been coming to this market for 13 years and sells her duck production, particularly foie gras. She is generally satisfied with this market month even if she felt more cautious customers at the time of purchases : “The average basket is smaller. The average basket was around 60 to 80 euros in other years, here we are more around 40 euros. But there were a lot of people so overall at the end it was fine.”

More mixed results on the market for creators of the ramblas

All the merchants of the Place du Capitole agree that people have come to the market in large numbers. A few streets away, on the alleys Jean Jauresthe assessment is more mixed. It’s here first year that the town hall has set up a market on the ramblas. For this premiere, around twenty local designers were installed and changed every week.

Méline Palama, candle designer, stayed a total of ten days. The results are rather positive, many people have entered the market even if she hopes for better: “I think people actually didn’t know there was a market here on the ramblas.”

François tabi, soap maker in the Toulouse region, does not yet know if he will return to the Toulouse Christmas market next year
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Alexandra Lagarde

From one chalet to another, everyone affirms that the Communication was not not optimal. This is the case for example of François Tabi, he is an artisanal soap maker in the Toulouse region: the town hall did not communicate fully, for this particular market different to others like Capitol. Whereas people know them now. That’s a shame.”

If François Tabi is not sure to return next year to the Toulouse Christmas market, the other traders, on the other hand, will respond to the call.

What results for the Christmas markets in Toulouse?

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