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who he introduces himself to

Charlene of Monaco she appears with her husband less and less in public. They last appeared as a couple on October 20. Meanwhile, the prince attended other institutional events. And he did it either alone or accompanied by his sister Carolina. This situation once again casts a shadow over the couple’s marriage. And doubts about a crisis between the two are growing again.

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The fact that it was almost always Carolina who accompanied Alberto to events raises new suspicions about the relationship between Charlene and her sister-in-law. It actually seems that the two never had a good relationship, not even in the past. Now one wonders if perhaps Carolina has took advantage of the princess’s absenceto restore its importance within the royal family. Charlene, who is still recovering from a serious nose, throat and ear infection while in South Africa, seems increasingly isolated from court life.

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In some magazines like Ici or Neue Frau, the princess seems to be left out. In fact, from the photos she herself posts on Instagram, it seems that she’s relegated to smaller engagements. And so Alberto was alone in the Seychelles in the last few days, she was content with a visit to the animal welfare association in Munich. However, it’s not out of the question that Charlene is happy about these new small commitments that allow her to spend more time with her children. Jacques and Gabriella.

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who he introduces himself to – S Chronicles

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