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After almost 44 years with TV Globo, the journalist Ernesto Paglia is leaving the station next Saturday (31st) as a special reporter syringes had access.

As the husband of Sandra Annenberg, current presenter of Globo Repórter, Paglia has documented eight World Cups, strikes in the ABC region of São Paulo, the visit of Pope John Paul II, Diretas Já, among many other events in Brazil and the world .

On social media, Paglia is more reserved. The journalist, father of three, is content to publish pictures of his travels and work for Rede Globo.

One of the latest releases concerns the report published yesterday in “Fantástico” showing the penguin population in the Falkland/Malvinas Islands.

“These guys are very nice!” he wrote, promoting the report.

He has a degree in Journalism from ECAUSP (School of Communication and Arts of the University of São Paulo) and started working in this field at the age of 19 at Rádio Jovem Pan while still studying. Two and a half months later, however, Paglia was fired for joining the journalists’ strike in São Paulo.

Looking for a new job, Paglia reached out to other journalists he had met during the strike and managed to join TV Globo that same year. “I started at dawn, from midnight to 7 a.m. Back then it was the back door,” he recalled in an interview for the website Memória Globo.

In just the first two months at home, Plagia scored five reports in the Jornal Nacional and later managed to get transferred to Bom Dia São Paulo.

Years later, in 1983, Paglia was invited to Globo’s London, England office as a correspondent. At 27, he became one of the station’s youngest correspondents.

Upon his return to Brazil, he took on the position of exclusive reporter for the Globo Repórter team.

One of the first awards came after an account of the career of Chief Mario Juruna, Brazil’s first indigenous federal deputy. On this occasion he received an award from the Seville International Television Festival.

In 1994, Paglia married journalist Sandra Annenberg, also from TV Globo. The two are still together to this day.

Years later, in 1997, he worked as an editor and presenter on the GloboNews program Painel. The attraction was conceived by the journalist himself, who wanted to bring a kind of summary of the week’s news, inspired by programs broadcast by the British broadcaster Channel 4.

Between 2000 and 2002 the journalist returned to London as a correspondent. After his return to Brazil, he took part in several reports, for example when two Globo employees were kidnapped in attacks by criminal groups in São Paulo in 2006. In the same year he attended the inauguration of President Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, followed by José Mujica in Uruguay in 2010.

One of the most notorious recent works was the report featured in Fantástico in September 2017 on illegal mining in Renca (Reserva Nacional do Cobre e Associados) in the Amazon.

Paglia’s path was recalled in a farewell email from Ali Kamel, director of journalism at Globo, announcing the reporter’s departure from the channel. In the text, Kamel described the employee as “a kind and welcoming colleague” and said he would “leave an impeccable legacy”.

For now, Paglia’s final works for the network will be a Globo Repórter, which has already been recorded, and a documentary soon to be released on Globoplay.

Who Is Ernesto Paglia, Husband Of Sandra Annenberg Who Left – S Chronicles

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