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Beatrice Quinta has no rest: after the confession about Rkomi (For her, it wasn’t a gag studied at the table, but a genuine interest), the finalist of X Factor 2022 He has to deal with criticism on social media for a detail that didn’t go unnoticed in the semifinals. The Sicilian made a good journey to the talent of Sky Uno, where we also witnessed the artist’s transformation both in music and style.

X Factor, the Quinta-Gate and Beatrice’s reaction

During the duet with morganthe very low cut jacket The singer seems to have opened up a little too much so we can take a look at her private parts. However, some viewers immediately pointed the finger at the story, fueling a controversy on social media, where overly critical comments against the artist can be read. However, the X Factor finalist reacted with determination and confided in it his tirade on Twitterwhere it says: “What’s wrong with my boobs Folks, years ago, Damiano ripped off the t-shirt on X Factor, leaving only the nipple cover. I tell you the problem that’s called sexism“. Words that immediately won the approval of the artist’s fans.

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X Factor, Quinta Gate After The Confession On Rkomi – S Chronicles

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