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Type Behati Prinsloo’s name into Twitter and supplemented with a delightful photo of a Namibian supermodel and an endorsement of 16,600 “favorites,” the first words you read are disbelief, following the alleged infidelity of her husband Adam Levine. “It proves that no matter how beautiful, ironic, or skinny you are, guys will still cheat. Girls, love yourselves.”

For the benefit of anyone who hasn’t turned their phone on in the past 24 hours, this tweet of course points to a flurry of allegations led by Los Angeles Instagram model, Sumner Stroh, 23, that the Maroon 5 striker, 43, had Numerous relationships and flirtations during his marriage to the 34-year-old Victoria’s Secret Angel’s wife of eight (who also happens to be the mother of his two young daughters, with a third child on the way).

Social media’s reaction to the escalating scandal was predictable. Echoing the dismay caused by the recent split between Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear McClard (one tweet says, “I still can’t believe Im Rata was cheated. There’s no hope for the rest of us”), the overarching seems to be the utter disbelief that an aesthetically attractive woman can make. Fall victim to the scourge of marital infidelity. Because sure enough, this is a doom meant for humans who haven’t been blessed with the flat stomachs and symmetrical cheekbones that come with winning the genetic lottery.

Except it is not. What the popular metaphor of Tours fails to realize is that betrayal has nothing to do with the beauty or success of the abandoned party, and much more to do with the cheater’s insecurities, desire for validation, and lack of self-esteem.

Just take a look at the most prevalent relationship scandals in recent months to see a pattern emerging. Take Prinsloo, Levine, Ratajkowski, and Bear McClard, for example, and the perennial problems of Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson. The women – the three mothers – are hugely successful in their respective fields.

Prinsloo has enjoyed an illustrious career on the catwalk, walking in search of one of the world’s most sought-after designers from the ground up, as well as lobbying for the endangered rhinoceros in her native South Africa. Ratajkowski is an actor, model and The New York Times A best-selling author, as well as an outspoken advocate for women’s rights.

Kardashian has captured the world’s attention during 20 seasons of keeping up with the Kardashians And several real-life spin-offs, many of which were while running her Good American clothing brand, are now valued at $7.65 million. They are witty, charming, and richer than most of us could ever dream of.

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However, all three have been plagued by infidelity moles. Whether it’s rumor or fact (Tristan Thompson has admitted his penchant for serial cheating, but the jury’s still out on both Levine and Bear McClard), the point is who you are and what you look like means nothing if you’re the one you are. Relationship with unhappy or unfulfilled within himself.

Behavioral psychologists have spoken extensively about the mental impact of romantic infidelity, an act that is said to trigger trauma and problems including anxiety, depression, and sadness. Even this basic summary should be enough to deter anyone from hurting someone they claim to love, but unfortunately human nature doesn’t always work that way.

Adam Levine has already retracted Stroh’s allegations, admitting he “crossed the line” with his flirting messages while flatly denying any kind of physical relationship. Allegations from other women have since surfaced, although at least one of these has been proven to have falsified the texts she claimed he sent her.

The outcome of this story remains to be seen, but even a brave, strong-willed couple like Prinsloo and Levine couldn’t help but be shaken by such sensational accusations.

You may have missed the point about the dramatic relationship of Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo

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